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Teachings Of Baba Kaliveer Ji

teachings of baba kaliveer help others

Be Brave

At the time of crises, it is responsibility of a human being to use his intellect and principles. So, instead of running away from conflicts, one should fight hard and fair.

teachings of baba kaliveer ji respect humanity

Respect Humanity

One should help and respect the person who comes for your assistance. Be kind and respect women.

teachings of baba kaliveer ji unite not divide

Unit not Divide

He has symbolized unity as a boat to sail through the storm of difficulties and give your best to over come. Be the force who unites the humanity rather than divide.

~~Kaliveer's Birth~~

There are several thousand famous legends of suggesting Kaliveer's birth history. He known as Bherav's son in the mountainous regions as Bherav's wife Kalika gave birth to him and this also became the reason for his name "Kali" named after Kalika.

At the time of his birth, when his feet touched the earth, it moved down and that became the reason to tittle him as "Vir". On the auspicious day of his birth, King Mandalik was also born. He came as a light of God as all the darkness vanished when he was born and lightness started spreading.

He was blessed by Lord Shiva, that he would have the powers to amend the ruined circumstances.

history of baba kaliveer ji

History of Baba Kaliveer Ji

Kaliveer is known as a religious god of Jammu. He is different from other religious god as other gods are worshipped by people of different religions whereas he is worshipped by people of all religions. He is the avatar (incarnation) of Lord shesh Naag.

The main purpose of his birth was to fight against the evils and Lord shiva asked Kaliveerji for his incarnation. He had horse as his vehicle and that too in three famous colours of white, blue and black. This unique combination of the three horses' qualities are inherent in Kaliveer and this has made him get the majestic powers to make impossible things possible.

When was a king, he had a mare named Nili, this color signifies authority and leadership qualities of the king. When he behaved as a god's saviour, he had a white horse which depicts the good qualities of a priest. He has been seen traveling on Black horse in the time of war, wearing black clothes, shoes and weapons indicating evil qualities.

Some Famous Stories of Baba Kaliveer Ji

childhood tale of baba kaliveer ji

Kaliveer's Childhood Tale

Long before Kaliveer's fame spread, he was intense and talented about horse riding and warfare activities. Once when he did'nt reach home till late evening, his mother reached the place, where he used to ride the horses and asked the feminine gardener what the whereabouts of his son. In response, the gardener said that she saw his son riding on a horse speaking with the air, traveling north to south and east to west, throwing dust across.

Kaliveer's Youth Tale

King Mandalik and Kaliveer shared a very strong relationship as childhood friends. Mandalik was impressed because of Kaliveer's intellectual abilities and courageous activities. Kaliveer used to suggest Mandalik that the king should always be polite and sweet spoken rather than being harsh and rude. This would develop respect in the hearts of the masses and they would abide by Mandalik's orders.

baba kaliveer and raja mandalik tale story
baba kaliveer and  baba jitho tale story.jpg

Kaliveer saved Baba Jhitto

Kaliveer has always come forward to save his devotees from evils and predators. Baba Jhitho was a farmer in Dhogra village. Once Baba Jhitho's aunt fainted because of the spell casted by a witch named Chachi Joja. On this Jhitho went to his religion god's place that was King Mandalik's palace, where he narrated the whole incident to the king. The king was his majestic power to cure the girl. Chachi Joja started suffering in pain due to her name mentioned by Jhitho and she planned the assassination of Jhitho along with her seven sons. As planned the seven sons tried to throw Jhitho from Elevated Mountain. During this time, King Mandalik and Kaliveer were playing chess when Mandalik got the intuition that his follower Jhitho's life was in danger. He asked Kaliveer to save Jhitho's life. Kaliveer saved Jhitho's life by holding him in his arms gently, avoiding a single scratch on his body.

Kaliveer's encounter with a snake

Once upon a time, Kaliveer was roaming around in a beautiful garden. There he saw a snake and Mandalik did not notice that snake. All of a sudden, Mandalik realized that there was a snake near his feet and he started shouting. On this Kaliveer asked him the reason of his outcry, Mandalik said that he could have died because of snake's bite. Kaliveer replied that snake is believed to be Lord Vishnu's image and as we were discussing about Lord Krishna, he has appeared to give us blessings. Kaliveer said that since Mandalik was not so keen on the prayers of Lord Krishna that why he has come in the form of a snake to give blessings. After this incident, King Mandalik started worshiping the snake. Even today, at the temples where King Mandalik and Kaliveer are worshipped, there is always a sculpture of a snake made of metal which is worshipped.

Baba Kaliveer ji and Snake Tale Story
baba kaliveer teaching about destiny.jpg

Incident indicating that work leads to destiny

Once upon a time, King Mandalik and Kaliveer were crossing quiet and bare forest, when Mandalik started feeling hungry and Kaliveer for some food. On this, Kaliveer replied that it is the duty and responsibility of the king to sow fruit plantations. This made Mandalik angry and he said,"If king would do everything than what would be the responsibility of God". Kaliveer replied that God has created human being to take care of their food. King Mandalik asked for an example to explain this phenomenon. Kaliveer responded that,"if everyone would get the food without working or if farmers get the grains without planting them then why would anyone work?". Mandalik reacted that has," God left us after creating?". Kaliveer responded that, "This is the truth and truth is always bitter. A human brings his destiny along and has to work otherwise mankind cannot survive".

Turning Mandalik's defeat into victory

Once King Mandalik and Kaliveer were going to the forest for hunting and poaching. On the way, guru Gorakhnath were sitting in the form of a physically challenged person. King Mandalik thought this to be a sign of bad luck. Guru Gorakhnath became angry on this and started the wind storm. Due to the storm, king Mandalik and Kaliveer's horses took the route to Bengal and reached the garden of princess Sirgala. Princess Sirgala was extremely beautiful and was informed that King Mandalik who was charming than her, is there in the garden. On hearing this, princess Sirgala went to the garden and started playing ass and pass with Kind Mandalik in which King lost all the games. At seeing this, Kaliveer placed his hand on King's shoulder and his touch made King Mandalik win every game.

baba kaliveer mata kali tale story
baba kaliveer cow freedom tale story

Kaliveer's fight for a Cow's freedom

An old Brahmin wife came to King Mandalik palace asking for help as her cow has taken by the Mughals. The king offered her 1.25 lakh cows in return but the old lady refused. Then the king offered a cow made up of gold and the old lady eagerly accepted it. When she was returning home, she met Kaliveer on the way. Kaliveer asked her, whether the cow could eat, walk, listen, shout or give milk to you? . On this he replied himself that the cow was made up of gold so it is lifeless. He also reacted that when people can come to steal your living cow from Gajni then thieves can come to steal this cow from Iran and then you have to protect your life as well. Kaliveer informed her that you have to hide this cow beneath the earth and that is against our customs and values. It is King's duty to safeguard the interest of its people. On getting educated she again approached the King's palace, throw the gold cow and asked the king to get her original cow. She even threatened the king that she would commit suicide if the King couldn't fulfill his responsibilities. King Mandalik did'not had a choice so he triumph against Gajni and brought the cow for the old lady.

Conversation between Mata Kalika and Kaliveer/ Appearance of mata Kalika as fire

According to the myth followed by Dogra community, In Satyug God and goddess used to take birth as human beings but as sins started increasing, the God started appearing in invisible form. As Kalyug drew nearer, Kaliveer's mother Kalika also became invisible. On this Kaliveer confirmed whether he should also become invisible. While reacting to this Kalika said that," The purpose of your birth in this era is not yet fulfilled". She also informed that only the people with power and brains can terminate the misdeeds. Thus to destroy the evil powers you have to remain visible. Now onwards people who believe in God will be the warriors of humanity who would safeguard people against evil powers. Kaliveer asked his mother, "When can I take the imperceptible form". Kalika camly replied, "You can turn invisible when people who follow Hinduism turn selfish, greedy and don't follow their religion." Finally Kalika turned invisible and jumped in the sea, giving rise to wild storm. Suddenly it started thundering and Kaliveer could sea figures of fire dancing on the waters. Kaliveer started worshipping the fire form of his mother. He also conveyed to the people present there that," Anyone who would worship his mother wouldn't fear lightening, temperature and would achieve success in war". In north India, flame lighted in temples is a symbol of Jawala mai.

baba kaliveer kalika tale story
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